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Naidex44 is only six weeks away!

So, we’re getting very excited about Naidex44 here in the office – it’s about six weeks to go before the doors open.  Truth be told, I get like an excited small child in the run up and to share my excitement, this is my Manufacturers Focus at Naidex44.  So, read on and then tell me what you’re looking forward to seeing at Naidex44.  Not got your tickets yet?  Read on for full information about Naidex44 and what you need to know.

Quickie Wheelchairs

There is an entire stand dedicated to the Sunrise range this year.  You can expect to see the Quickie Krypton on the stand in both the folding and rigid frame variants.  Alongside this, we anticipate that the Quickie Helium and Quickie Xenon will be on show.  Power wheelchairs won’t be forgotten either, with the Salsa Mini M2 Redline, the Puma 40 and Jive M2 all expected to be on show.

Manufacturers Focus - Sunrise Quickie Krypton

Sunrise Mobility look forward to the opportunity to meet their customers and future customers, unveiling the latest products that incorporate the findings from their own research and development.  There will be opportunities as well to try out the products.  I think that the Krypton will be in high demand, especially given that it has been warrantied for 5 years.  Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing what others think about it, as this is the first proper “outing” for the Krypton.

You’ll be able to find Sunrise on Stand 13134 at Naidex44.

RGK Wheelchairs

RGK once again have a large stand at Naidex.  It gives them a chance to connect with both customers and dealers whilst showcasing their latest products.  With RGK celebrating their 30th year in 2018, they’re looking forward to showing off both their sports and day wheelchair equipment.

Manufacturers Focus at Naidex44 - RGK Tiga

The hugely popular Tiga made to measure range will take centre stage, with the Sub4 being one wheelchair that has been popular over the past couple of years.  Alongside this, I expect the Smart Drive push-assist and the Triride both to be of keen interest to customers.

The Smart Drive is a well known product, which alongside the Alber E-Motions, is a popular push-assist.  Triride, a newer product, is a very different product, enabling you as a wheelchair user to get off-road or around town whilst managing your own energy levels.  Designed to pull you around for longer, sustained periods (when compared to push-assist add-ons), the Triride is sure to be popular.

If sports are your thing, then you’ll be able see the classic Club Sport wheelchair, as well as the RGK Elite, on their stand.  With a great balance between key sports including wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball, the range is able to cover all interests.  There is also a sports arena next to the RGK stand, in case you want to have a quick go with a game of something (unless you’re lazy like me).

RGK are on stand 8210 at Naidex44.  Remember to wish them a happy 30th birthday!


Progeo will be represented by a number of different dealers this year.  You’ll be able to see the Joker R2 (which we reviewed late last year), the carbon fibre Duke (fully adjustable) and the made to measure Noir 2.0.  Alongside this, younger wheelchair users can try out the Joker Junior 2.0, which has been hugely improved for the youth market.

Manufacturers Focus at Naidex44 - Progeo Noir 2.0

Progeo told me that they really want customers to connect with the dealers, as they’ll be the ones building the relationships with the customer.  Because of this, they’ll be supporting dealers at the show and enabling customers to try out the products with those that’ll be supporting them over the life of the wheelchair.

The wheelchairs I’d recommend having a look at are the Joker R2 and the Duke.  Both are decent wheelchairs and, being Italian, have lovely design lines alongside great functionality.

Cyclone Mobility

Cyclone will have a range of wheelchairs on display this year, including their popular EOS3.  Their main focus is on the Batec range, which we’ve seen in use with a number of people over the winter.  The Cyclone team of experienced wheelchair users will also be on hand to help customers with their product knowledge.

New for Naidex is the Batec Mini, which is smaller (meaning a tighter turning circle) and a new reverse gear.  Ideal for holidays, I also think this will be great for those wanting a little add-on for around town.  I was also told that there might be some special offers for Naidex, so keep your eyes peeled.

Manufacturers Focus at Naidex44 - Batec Mini

Cyclone Mobility can be found at stand 6170 – be sure to say hello.

Otto Bock Healthcare and Recare

Otto Bock are showcasing the three iterations of their new Juvo range this year.  The Juvo powerchair range, available in front and rear drive, is complemented by the VAS – Variably Adjustable Seating.  The other focus is their new TEN° controller range, which includes the soft hand pad to help reduce drive fatigue and comes with a 3.5 inch colour LCD interface.

The electric wheelchair controller market has really began to revolutionise over the past few years.  I think that the new TEN° controller, with simplicity and comfort being the aim of the game, could have the potential to change some of the expectations for users.  The proof though will be in the pudding…

Otto Bock are joining force with Recare this year, sharing knowledge and experience from both teams for users with a higher clinical or rehabilitation need.  With Otto Bock’s wide range from prosthetic limbs to high-dependency wheelchairs, the partnership this year will look to enable customers to become more aware of what Otto Bock can offer them.

You’ll be able to find Otto Bock and Recare at stand 2220.


Invacare is showcasing the Alber e-pilot power drive add-on this year.  It’s aimed towards active users, enabling users to go further and faster whilst enjoying outdoor activities.  There are demonstrations available and a free competition to win a new Alber e-pilot.  The Alber E-motions have always been very popular as a push assist and we think that there will be quite a bit of interest in the Alber e-pilot add-on.

Manufacturers Focus - Alber e-pilot

In addition to this, they are showcasing the successful LiNX technology with their range of LiNX Smart powerchairs.  Visitors will also have the opportunity to try out the LiNX touchscreen remotes with Bluetooth connectivity and the MyLiNX app that gives realtime diagnostics.

You can visit Invacase on stands 13240 and 13234.


This will be wheelAIR’s first year at Naidex showcasing the most innovative new piece of assistive tech on the market for manual wheelchair users, their battery-powered airflow back-rest cushion, wheelAIR.  The back-rest has been carefully designed to be cooling and more supportive. Through a combination of function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design, users have experienced a drop in both back and core temperature, heavily reducing effects of overheating.

At their stall, 9138, visitors will have the chance to test the cooling power of the wheelAIR with a unique temperature related interactive activity. There will also be the opportunity to have a chat to their team – including our brand ambassador, double Paralympian Michael Kerr – or grab some of their cool giveaways. They will be revealing a unique discount code that you can use to purchase a reduced wheelAIR at the show or online for a week.

I’ll also be testing the cooling cushion during the show as part of a review. We’d also like to hear your thoughts on the wheelAIR – let us know in the comments below if you’ve already tried it or want to try it.

What’s your own Manufacturers Focus at Naidex44?

This is our manufacturers focus at Naidex44 – and we want to know what are you looking forward to at Naidex44?  What will you want to try out?  Have you registered for your tickets yet?  If not, then you’ll need to get registered quickly!  It’s a simple process though – just click here and enter your details.  It’s free and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Naidex is one of the largest shows of the year, spanning two halls at the NEC in Birmingham on 25/26 April 2018.  With key independent living specialists showcasing their products, it’s a prime opportunity for professionals and consumers to gather under one roof.

You can also follow more of our coverage of the event on our dedicated Naidex hub as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Got a question for us?  Log in using your Facebook or Twitter and ask us below.

A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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