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The Quickie Jive M and Jive M Hybrid is a mid drive electric wheelchair that offers a comfortable ride coupled with maneuverability and customisation.  Available as both Class 2 and Class 3,  with three battery options, is this just another mid drive electric wheelchair?  We took a look to find out.

Quickie Jive M Specification

The Quickie Jive M is, as stated, a mid-drive wheelchair, with front and rear casters to give balance.  It is available in three forms – the standard Jive M (with a standard seat), the Jive M with Sedeo Ergo seating, giving a very precise seating system and the Jive M Hybrid – with a Salsa seat.

It has a battery range of up to 40KM, two battery options and a base weight of 115-187KG, depending on the options chosen.

The Quickie Jive M is crash tested, unlike the Jive M Hybrid, which isn’t.  It’s also available in 6, 10 and 12.5km/h speeds.  It also has LED lights as standard.

Driving the Quickie Jive M

The Quickie Jive M is mid wheel drive, which gives great maneuverability.  It has a turning circle of 560mm, which is quite tight, mastering all turns with ease.  It can even handle small bumps without too much impact on the turn.

It is very stable, too, with the Spider-Trac technology helping to keep you firmly on the ground.  In fact, with the seat using the recline or lift options to their maximum settings, you don’t feel at risk of the wheelchair tipping or losing drive grip.

Talking of that Spider-Trac technology, the latest Jive M’s are all fitted with the firmer spring and shock absorbing kit, meaning that the firm ride is standard now.  This means great cornering at speed, too, especially if you opt for the higher powered motors (for the higher speeds).

With the two slower motors, the torque output means that you have a better kerb climbing ability, with up to 10cm in height with the comfort suspension (7cm with the standard sports setting).  Sadly, when we got to test drive it, we couldn’t find a kerb to try it out on else you’d have a video to show you.


The choice list for the standard list is extensive, with around 20 cushion type and size options.  On top of this, the Jive seat widths and depths are available from 400mm to 560mm.

Alternatively you can look at the Jive M Hybrid, which comes with a Salsa seating system (more about that in a future review) or a Sedeo Ergo seat, which you can read more about in its own review.

The power lift and tilt offers 30 degrees seat base tilt and 300mm lift.  Alternatively, without the powered lift, you can have a seat base tilt of up to 50 degrees.  Meanwhile, the back can have a power recline of -10 to 40 degrees of recline.  Add in the plethora of hip, leg, arm, chest and head supports and you’ll very comfortable.

The result is that no matter what the level of your seating and support needs, the Jive M is able to accommodate them.


The VR2 controller is standard on the Jive M2.  Alternatively, if you want a bit more information about your wheelchair, you can opt for the R-Net controller, which tells you which profile you have selected for the drive, as well as the current speed and battery life.

Both controllers can have “Attendant Drive” as an option, as well as specialist controls such as chin, head or button control.  The R-Net controller can also have an additional screen for those who cannot tilt their heads.

Add to this the R-Net Bluetooth module and USB Wireless Mouse adapter, this controller can really interact with your world.  It adds £344 though, which brings us to…

Quickie Jive M Options

The list is huge.  So, the popular options chosen include the power lift/tilt/recline options, extending/reclining footrests and the higher specification motors (for higher speed).  Other popular options include the attendant control and lateral supports.

Just 4 colours – Red, Blue, White or matte black.  However, we’ll be covering some unique customisation work soon.

Pricing and conclusion

The Jive M starts from £7,480 and adding the various options of power lift/tilt/recline (£1,748) and arm-rests to recline with this (£344), the price can easily go up.

The Jive M is a life-changer of a wheelchair, being able to give great independence and mobility to a wide spectrum of wheelchair users, from those who are able to live life with core support through to those with significant clinical need.

For us, the great drive simply puts the icing on the cake, with brilliant stability and great comfort over bumps in your path.  We’d be paying for that sports suspension if it weren’t standard – the limited roll in a fast bend (note – not a sharp corner) is worth it, especially if your core isn’t good.


  • Great suspension
  • Meets a range of needs
  • Huge options range
  • The Sedeo Ergo system compatibility


  • 4 colours is very limited


A great wheelchair that handles well and meets a huge range of clinical needs.


A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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