Buying your new wheelchair – how reviews can help

We are all individual – so the reviews have been written in mind that not everyone will want the same thing from their wheelchair.  Buying your new wheelchair is an important step in your life.  There are some things to remember that are useful:

  1. A review will have factual information about the wheelchair tested.  It might include optional extras (which we’ll tell you about) or different configurations.
  2. You should always arrange your own test drive in as close to your own configurable need as possible
  3. User reviews will always be person specific when compared to our own reviews and be more in mind of an individual disability or need
  4. Things change – we try to be correct at time of writing, so make sure you’re getting what you want.

Buying your new wheelchair is big life event – your new wheelchair will be both your Sunday best, your work day and your rest day, so you shouldn’t rush it or be pressured.

We also review accessories, such as suspension, wheels, seating systems or power assist.  You might be offered accessories when buying your new wheelchair, such as lighter rear wheels or a back rest with additional support.  We will always review these individually, so you might want to check that a particular accessory is compatible with the wheelchair you are considering purchasing.

You can join in with our conversation on Facebook or Twitter.  We look forward to informing your decision about your new mobility.

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