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The Quickie Krypton is what Sunrise admit to being late to the party. With several different carbon ...[Read More]

The Progeo Joker R2 is the new variant of the Italian wheelchair company’s popular Joker model...[Read More]

We first tried the Whill out at the Mobility Roadshow back in June 2017 and were reasonably impresse...[Read More]

The Quickie Xenon2 is a refreshed version of the very successful Xenon, an ultralight folding wheelc...[Read More]

The Quickie Jive M and Jive M Hybrid is a mid drive electric wheelchair that offers a comfortable ri...[Read More]

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Now that Winter is nearing it’s end, we’re looking forward to the 2018 events calendar.  With Motability, Naidex and Rise4Disability all p...[Read More]

We all like a little tip or trick to make life easy. Wheelchair Life Hacks that are cheap, cheerful and don’t need a lot to make a difference ar...[Read More]

It’s snowing and we thought we would jump aboard the band wagon to talk about it!  Here are some of our top tips and a few toys we would like fo...[Read More]

When it comes to health, it’s fair to say that many wheelchair users will be more susceptible to bugs, especially given the level of contact wit...[Read More]

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is a UN-recognised date where the achievements of disability is celebrated.  On 3 December every ye...[Read More]


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As official sponsor, TGA, the UK-leading mobility scooter specialist, will be offering an unmissable...[Read More]

8 March 2018 saw Toyota and Nesta launch a crowdsource for mobility ideas as part of a wider total p...[Read More]

Naidex44 is only six weeks away! So, we’re getting very excited about Naidex44 here in the off...[Read More]

Have you seen the recent adverts where Toyota Global Mobility showcase innovation from the research ...[Read More]

After an outstanding 2017 that saw Naidex grab the spotlight and reaffirm itself as Europe’s leading...[Read More]

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