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RGK Tiga Sub4 Review

The RGK Tiga Sub4 has been around a little while now – what makes the RGK Sub4 one of the most popular made to measure wheelchairs available?  We took a look at the Sub4 in more detail.  You can find all of the specification by clicking here. Made to measure Because RGK work within tight quality and...[Read More]

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Coloplast showcase at RISE4Disability Peterborough

Leading continence and catheter specialists Coloplast will be showcasing their key products at RISE4Disability Peterborough, including the Speedicath Eve and the Speedicath Flex.  With a growing aware...[Read More]

Rise4Disability - Peterborough

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The Mountain Trike is a front wheel drive bucketed hand trike.  Using levers and chain drive, the Mountain Trike is designed to cover rough terrain with gearing...[Read More]

Two days at Naidex means that if you’re a wheelchair user, you’ll find limited opportunities to transfer out of your wheelchair for a bit of a seating change.  ...[Read More]

We first encountered Softwheel on a warm June day at the Mobility Road Show.  Trying them then for a moment on paving and tarmac, we could feel a key amount of ...[Read More]

The RGK Tiga FX is an ultralight folding wheelchair.  Unlike its competitors, the Quickie Xenon2 and the Kuschall Champion SK, the RGK Tiga FX is a rigid frame ...[Read More]


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Everyone knows that there is a host of second hand sales websites, so we took a look through some to see what we could find.  Then we were quite liter...[Read More]

In our busy events calendar, one thing we are often asked is what is Rise4Disability? Simply put, RISE 4 Disability a series of very comprehensive reg...[Read More]

We know it’s a long day at big shows, so we wanted to give you some of our top tips to get you through the day.  With many shows 6 or 7 hours a ...[Read More]

If you’re a wheelchair user who drives, you’ll often need some way to ask people to give a little more space or understanding.  Gone are t...[Read More]

Now that Winter is nearing it’s end, we’re looking forward to the 2018 events calendar.  With Motability, Naidex and Rise4Disability all p...[Read More]

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Freedom Wheelchair Skills founder Stuart Wheeler will be offering sessions for wheelchair users to b...[Read More]

Disabled people are being asked to contribute to a survey about Driverless Vehicles being undertaken...[Read More]

OmniServ, the UK’s leading airline and airport assistance services provider, has launched trials of ...[Read More]

This year’s theme for World Environment Day, on Tuesday 5th June 2018, (and also Earth Day which fel...[Read More]

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