Try before you buy from wheelAIR and Loopwheels


It’s always important to test a product linked to your wheelchair before you spend lots of money.  While wheelchair manufacturers offer test drives, for accessories that’s a little harder.  Not now though, with try before you buy from wheelAIR and Loopwheels.  What does it mean exactly?  We’ve taken a quick look to help you learn more.

Try a wheelAIR

Lets get the basics out the way – it’s £20 for two weeks trial.  This means you can choose the seat height/width you need and apply it to your own wheelchair.  The cost of the trial will be discounted from a purchase if you choose to buy one.  Shipping is by UPS or DHL.

What does it mean?  If you struggle with regulating your body temperature, you can try the wheelAIR out in a variety of situations to see how it cools your body.  You can also try it whilst transporting the wheelchair as well as get an idea of how you would charge the wheelAIR as required.

You can take the offer up direct from wheelAIR or one of their suppliers.

Try out Loopwheels

It’s no secret we love Loopwheels.  We actually have a set here which are often used when we’re out and about in rougher terrain.  So, for £20 you get a 21 day trial.  Shipping is by UPS or DPD.  The £20 covers the cost of the shipping and you get free shipping should you choose to buy.

What do Loopwheels do?  They reduce vibration up to 70% and make the ride simply sublime.  They can be specified in various colours to compliment your wheelchair or personality, along with many different pushrims (try the Gekko Pushrims!)


Should you wish to buy, you can also purchase them on a 3 or 6 month purchase plan.  Full details are available at the Loopwheels online shop.

Try before you buy from wheelAIR and Loopwheels

Try before you buy is a great opportunity.  If you’re not sure if wheelAIR or Loopwheels are for you, give them a try.  You might find they’re perfect for you or that you need something slightly different.

A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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