Review My Wheelchair gathers information to assist in delivering the website to you.  Here’s what we learn, what we do with the data and how you can find out what we might know about you as a user.


We’re not referring to biscuits in this instance.  We use cookies from our own advertising, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Shortlinks and Amazon Affiliation.  We do this so that we know:

  • What pages have been looked at, how long for and where you found that web page from
  • What browser you might be using, so we can ensure that our website is easy to use for you in the future
  • How fast the site loaded for you
  • How long you spent looking at our site, so we can make it more appealing in the future
  • What links you clicked, so that we can make sure our links are relevant to you in the future
  • In the case of Amazon, we are told what you’ve purchased if you click on and buy a product from a link.  We might be paid a small amount as a referral fee.  If we are promoting a product for a fee, we make this clear.

Advertising cookies could apply in the following ways:

  • Google Adsense also provides advertising for our website.  They track any “click through” to ensure that we’re paid for the advertisement.
  • We carry our own advertising on the website and we record when a link has been clicked, but not by whom.  Any analytics gathered within the advertising URL will be the responsibility of the advertiser.

What information we gather

We learn about the pages you visit, how you found them (known as referral and can sometimes include search terms), how long you looked at the pages for and where you went to after.  We are told your browser, operating system, viewing language and device type (mobile, tablet or desktop). If your internet provider tells us, we also are told your location.

We use this to:

  • Understand how people access our website
  • What people are looking for
  • Which countries the website is popular in

We don’t identify individual users by the browsing data provided.

All of the statistics provided are through the Google Analytics Suite.  If you wish to learn more about all of the functions the suite offers, you can visit Google Analytics.

If you contact us, your information will be entered into our CRM to enable us to keep track of the emails we send and receive from you.  By contacting us, you are giving your permission to us for this to happen.  You can always ask us to stop contacting you through the CRM platform.

Logged in users

We use OneAll Social Media APIs to allow Social Media networks to verify you are a genuine person.  You can adjust the information we request through OneAll to your discretion.  We ask for:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Public Profile URL
  • Profile Photo
  • Gender

We use your log in to allow you to post reviews and comments on the website.

Privacy and your information

We do not analyse the pages you visit.  You can view all of your comments and reviews by logging in and visiting your profile.

When you submit a review, you are giving permission to publish that review to Review My Wheelchair.  That means we can choose if it remains published or not.  When you submit a picture, the ownership of that picture remains with you and you are granting us a free licence to use that image as appropriate.

You can ask us to remove your name from any review you submit.  This only means that the public facing “credit” for the review will be removed.  We must maintain a record of a review author in case of a legal query, such as a factual claim.

You can find out what we know by sending us a message through our contact page.  We can make a charge for a “Subject Access Request”.  We charge £20 for a report about what information we know about you.  We will delete your profile on request.

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