Interview: Inventor of the smart wheelchair

When the news broke about there being a British finalist in the Toyota Mobility Challenge, we got excited.  Dominic spoke to Andrew Slorance about his newest idea and learnt more about the smart wheelchair. What’s the smart wheelchair about? Key to the design of a manual wheelchair is the Centre of Gravity.  By making the Centre of Gravity smart, the wheelchair can then become more or less p...[Read More]

My work with my disability

I’ve always been proud of my work as a journalist.  Being self-employed and finding my own work to fit with my own disability is something I’ve always had pride in.  It is my work with my disability.  Sadly the moment I hoped would never come has arrived.  I am having to crowdfund to help me stay in work because Access to Work isn’t working. If I’m honest I probably should have seen it...[Read More]

Try before you buy from wheelAIR and Loopwheels

It’s always important to test a product linked to your wheelchair before you spend lots of money.  While wheelchair manufacturers offer test drives, for accessories that’s a little harder.  Not now though, with try before you buy from wheelAIR and Loopwheels.  What does it mean exactly?  We’ve taken a quick look to help you learn more. Try a wheelAIR Lets get the basics out the w...[Read More]

The importance of talking on World Mental Health Day

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October – we want to explore the importance of talking, especially in a world where social media and disability can offer opportunities when isolation is at high levels.  So, grab a cup of tea and lets talk mental health. Sharing experiences One important step in tackling mental health issues is about talking to others who might have similar experienc...[Read More]

Stelios Awards – why you should enter

Ever thought of starting your own business as a disabled entrepreneur?  Dominic has looked at the Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs which is one option that might be available to assist you in starting out. Making a million pounds You know when you read stories about someone who made a million pounds from a small idea that they started from a bedroom?  Or the one about someone who just sol...[Read More]

ASOS launch clothing with a difference

It is no secret to those of us who use a wheelchair – clothing doesn’t always fit in different ways.  Regardless of it being around the abdomen or trousers riding high, skirts being slightly too short or shirts rubbing on wheels – there’s always something.  Chloe Ball-Hopkins and ASOS have done something about this though, so we wanted to learn more Weather inspired festiva...[Read More]

Personalised Wheelchair Budgets – what are they?

For a while now we’ve all heard snippets about changes to how you might get a wheelchair from the NHS in England, personalised wheelchair budgets have been on the agenda for several years now. So, we wanted to learn more about them, how it’s going to work and how it will differ from the current voucher system. We asked some questions to NHS England to help you (and us) understand what personalised...[Read More]

Keeping cool in the summer

As the warm weather hits the UK (and promptly disappears again), we’ve had a few questions about keeping cool in the summer.  If you struggle with temperature regulation or your body succumbs to exhaustion when the mercury reaches more than “luke warm”, we have some ideas for keeping cool when the going gets hot.  Here’s our suggestions but keep reading to give us yours! 1....[Read More]

Rigid lightweight wheelchair under £1000 challenge

Everyone knows that there is a host of second hand sales websites, so we took a look through some to see what we could find.  Then we were quite literally inundated with an email, with a subject of “Rigid lightweight wheelchair under £1000 challenge”.  It read: Dear Review My next Wheelchair I need a wheelchair but my budget is smaller than a baby hamster.  What can I get for £1000? Lo...[Read More]

What is Rise4Disability?

In our busy events calendar, one thing we are often asked is what is Rise4Disability? Simply put, RISE 4 Disability a series of very comprehensive regional disability event within the UK. Their mission is to unite all disability services. Returning for their second event at The East of England showground this year they have formed great partnerships with Disability Peterborough, Inspire Peterborou...[Read More]

Managing at a big show – our pacing tips

We know it’s a long day at big shows, so we wanted to give you some of our top tips to get you through the day.  With many shows 6 or 7 hours a day, you can be forgiven for wanting to see as much as you can.  If you don’t look after yourself, you could do some damage – so when it comes to managing at a big show – our pacing tips can help you get through the day. 1. Know whe...[Read More]

Disability stickers with a difference

If you’re a wheelchair user who drives, you’ll often need some way to ask people to give a little more space or understanding.  Gone are the days from when a big blue box announced your status – now there are disability stickers with a difference available.   One popular supplier is Stickman Communications, owned by Hannah Ensor.  We asked Hannah to tell us more. Disability stick...[Read More]

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