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The Sunrise Quickie Sedeo Ergo is a revolutionary new seating system for their Jive and Puma electric wheelchair products. The question is – what does the Quickie Sedeo Ergo do, how does it do it and is it worth the price tag?  We needed to find out when we visited Naidex last week – here are some answers to questions…

What is so special about the Quickie Sedeo Ergo?

We all know that key to looking after ourselves, as wheelchair users, is to avoid the pitfalls of body damage from being seated too long.  Ulcers are a problem, especially if your disability significantly reduces or removes feeling or movement.  Changing your seating position regularly can help and the Sedeo Ergo system does this.

The system enables all of the wheelchair to manipulate the different components to achieve your desired seating position, such as moving the footplates in both height and pitch if you adjust the back or seat. It also reacts to the way in which your body will need to move from one position to another – such as laid down to sitting upright or even raised.

Most of these features are only available in more bespoke and premium products, so this is a big change for electric wheelchair users.

What if I need to sit slightly off standard?

The back and headrest no longer need to be in the centre of the wheelchair – the backrest can be adjusted independently to the headrest.  The headrest can be re-positioned in just about any place required.  Most importantly, the product is bespoke to you (rather than being a standard product configuration).

Is the Quickie Sedeo Ergo complicated to use?

In a word, no.  The system works with the Sunrise advanced controller, so you can assign seating positions to profiles (such as “home” with a slight recline, “rest” laid flat, “tesco” upright and at full speed and “pub” raised high and with an optional dart firing mechanism.  We might have made that option up.)  The controller is intuitive, so by changing the mode, the controller can be used to adjust your seating position.  Changing your profile on the move (up to 3mph), you can change your seating position too.

Alternatively, if you struggle manipulating the screen using a joystick, the optional control modules can have a variety of button types added to fit your needs as the user and any varying amount of body function.

What if I like to be sociable?

This is a common question – the Quickie Sedeo Ergo enables you to join in the conversation, with the seat height adjustment of up to 14 inches.  This means you can access those high shelves in the supermarket or place an order at the bar.   You can talk face to face with people, enabling you to join in the conversation.

The seat raises whilst the wheelchair is moving too, if used with the button panel – meaning that you don’t have to hang around whilst you re-configure the wheelchair.

What if I want a choice in wheelchairs?

You have it – the Quickie Sedeo Ergo can be fitted to either the Puma (front wheel drive) or the Jive (mid-wheel drive).  We test drove it briefly with the Puma at Naidex, where it managed the test track with ease.  You can also add the same colour flashes as your wheelchair to the Quickie Sedeo Ergo equipment to enable it to maintain your style.

What’s the catch?

Good question.  It’s important to remember that this is a premium product for users who need their wheelchair to adapt to their multiple needs.  You may want an adjustable backrest which can be a separate option.  This wheelchair seating system is aimed towards those who need more support and movement to help them maintain their independence in their life.


Whilst we’re looking forward to arranging a proper road test of the Quickie Sedeo Ergo system in the near future, we are already impressed.  It is a valuable and exciting addition to the Quickie product range that will be providing independence and new options to users in the near future.  Wheelchair users who have spinal cord injuries will be excited to hear about the multiple seating positions that can be accessed through the controller profile system or the separate control box.

If you are considering a new wheelchair with a seating system, this won’t disappoint you.  If you want to know more, we recommend visiting the Sunrise Quickie Sedeo Ergo website to book a demonstration.


  • Can be configured to individual seating needs
  • Premium product quality
  • Compatible to different wheelchair drives
  • Raise height of 14 inches


The Sedeo Ergo offers a very personalised seating solution, entering the market of some more specialised seating providers. Crucially the seat delivers what it promises. Looking for a wheelchair with a good seating system? You'll need to look at the Sedeo Ergo.


A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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