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With just 8 days to go until Rise4Disability South East, we wanted to take a little look at some of the exhibitors who will be showcasing some of what they do.  Welcome to our Rise South East Exhibitor focus!

Freedom Wheelchair Skills

If you’re new to using a wheelchair or even if you want to learn some new tricks, Stuart from Freedom Wheelchair Skills will be on-hand to discuss and identify what might be good to help you in your everyday life.   Alongside this, Freedom Wheelchair Skills offer training to professionals for further sharing with other users.

Freedom Wheelchair Skills - Kerb drop

Aimed to give confidence in an end users day to day mobility, Stuart also runs workshop and one-to-one training tailored to the needs of the end user.  You can visit Freedom Wheelchair Skills on stand E23.

Stiltz Homelifts

If you acquire a disability in adulthood, the chances are that you already live in a house, which means stairs and suddenly, half your house is inaccessible.  Thanks to Disabled Facilities Grants though, more people are able to respond to this challenge using in-home lifts.

Stiltz Trio Lift - Rise South East Exhibitor Focus

Stilz Homelifts offer a range of lifts to meet many different environments.  If you’re an OT, a Social Worker or end user looking to make your home accessible, Stilz can provide information to assist with your decision making process.  With lifts that require no supporting walls and can even be powered through a standard three-pin plug, there is a ride range of lifts available.  The new Trio+ has transparent walls, whilst blending into the installation location appropriately.

You can visit Stiltz Homelifts at stand G4.


Having already looked at lifts, next thing in the home is food.  However, if you need assistance eating then the Neater Eater might be of interest.  Neater will be showcasing the V6 Neater Eater, which has a small footprint to fit onto a wheelchair tray.  (I think I need to be clear, the V6 indicates the product version, not the engine powering it).  It’s also available in pink.

Neater Eater - V6 in Pink

The V6 Neater Eater is portable and can be operated by mobile app, switches or by eye gaze.  This gives a wide range of options for use, making it highly configurable to the end user.

However, if you need something support your arm, rather than just feeding, then Neater have also got the Neater Arm Support, which has a simple switch-operated power assist.  With quite a few applications, it’s designed to perform regardless of any changes in arm dynamics – i.e. changes in the user’s needs.

Alongside these, Neater will also be showcasing their feeding support tools, designed for users with needs ranging from tremor right through to those unable to use their arms at all.  Meanwhile, a drink is not forgotten – Neater have a range of drinking solutions too.

The Ability Zone

Last of all, Review My Wheelchair is proud to sponsor the Ability Zone.  We’ll be showcasing Review My Wheelchair Live at lunchtime during Rise South East, so please come down, bring your lunch and enjoy 45 minutes of wheelchair related news, outdoor activities and more.Ability and Advice - Rise South East Exhibitor Focus

For more of our Rise South East Exhibitor Focus…

There’ll be more later this week – but meanwhile, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, please click here to register.  It takes a couple of minutes and is completely free.  We look forward to seeing you there!

A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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