Graphene Superstar


It’s an odd day when I open an email and start exclaiming about a new graphene superstar.  In this instance, it’s less big bang and more big deal.  Kuschall, the Swiss manufacturer of wheelchairs including the K-Series and the Champion, have gone all science on us with this new model.

What’s the story behind the hype?

Industrial designer and project leader Andre Fangueiro joined the Invacare company to redefine the rules of wheelchairs.  His aim is to utilise aerospace materials and formula 1 processes to secure the most unprecedented and ultimate driving performance available on the market today.

Graphene Superstar Production

The Superstar team are industry pioneers, making advancements in the wheelchair market through their development of the first lightweight wheelchair made from Graphene.  Küschall are revolutionizing the performance of contemporary wheelchairs with a frame that is 30% lighter and 20% stronger compared to classic carbon wheelchairs, making the superstar truly unique.

Is it just a pretty wheelchair?

In a word, no.  The evaluation and development of the frame shape started with the definition of the end user.  Accompanied with an in-depth analysis of current gaps in the market, this lead to the first CAD (computer aided drawings) designs.  Based on key parameters, trials and design thinking the unique X-Shape frame was born.

Graphene Superstar - front view

A lot of thought was put into the delicate balance of beautiful aesthetics and mechanical capability which leads to a graphene superstar.  This concept allows a technological capability through the acceleration and tension of the surfaces transforming the wheelchair from a medical into a product/automotive product.

How can you get a Graphene Superstar

The compact and state-of-the-art wheelchair is at pre-production stages.   Invacase are inviting a limited number of interested consumers to come join in the process at Witterswil, Switzerland* and co-develop the Küschall Superstar.   There they can meet the engineers and work first hand with them on developing the most innovative wheelchair on the market.  Alongside this, there is the opportunity to experience a factory tour and also meet the Invacare team. All expenses covered for the journey will be taken care of by Küschall.

“We want people to have a better service by ensuring they have the right fit and biomechanics analysis, ensuring that they have the ultimate product for them, and also providing them with the best experience”- Andre Fangueiro

You can apply to be part of this exciting process on the Superstar website – click here to be in with a chance.

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A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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  1. Wow! Do you think they’d accept one of my kidneys as payment? It looks flipping incredible.

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