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We’ve covered a lot of what’s going on at Naidex44 with wheelchairs. What else at Naidex44 should you be looking out for though?  We’ve taken a look at the programme and have some highlights of our own.  First though – if you’ve not got your FREE tickets (and a few people have said that they haven’t), why not?  You need to click this link and pre-register so that you don’t have to queue outside for ages!


We love these guys – I first met them when they undertook audit work in Clacton-on-Sea and they’ve been a great source of information for disabled people all over the UK ever since.  They’ll be at stand 9256 and well worth the visit – the team are a mine of information as well as knowing one or two great days out.

Disability Horizons

Martyn Sibley is a busy guy, already MC’ing the panel discussion, which you can find more information about on our focus about the discussions.  Remember though, no heckling!

What else at Naidex44 - Martyn Sibley

He’s also at stand 10260 – quite literally around the corner from us – with the Disability Horizons team.  They feature really useful information about lifestyle and managing with disability, along with practical advice.  They’ve got lots of information over on their Facebook DHTribe page.

The TGA Test Track

We wrote recently about the Test Track but as they’re giving away prizes, it’s worth telling you again!  The test track is at stand 9210.TGA Roadshow Test Track

I love the test track, mostly because I’m competitive.  They’re giving away a digital camera and money off a TGA scooter, so it’s nothing insignificant as a prize.  They’ll also have the Whill available for test drive – you can read our review here.

Limbless Association

Not every person who loses a limb will need a wheelchair – these brilliant people provide an essential service.  On stand 8252, they are a registered charity that has been supporting amputees for 35 years.  They aim to support amputees, pre and post amputation, to navigate the associated complex challenges with advice, information and signposting to empower individuals and their families to optimise their recovery and rehabilitation.

What else at Naidex44?

As well as visiting stands, there’ll be loads of networking opportunities – we know the Facebook Group Wheely Brits are having a meet up and that our friendly OT Jo Southall will be around too.  What have I missed out?  Why are you going?  Tell us in the comments below and remember, pop along to visit us at stand 11270 and say hello.  We’ll also have our own launch for the new tools.


A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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