Sunrise Mobility

Quickie Krypton – what do we know?

Sunrise Mobility have been teasing everyone for some time now about their new Quickie Krypton. However, the number of images available have been limited so far.  So what do we know? The Frame We know from the EU Sunrise website that there are two frame variants – Rigid Frame and Folding Frame.  These will be denoted by the KryptonR and the KryptonFF.  We also know that the carbon strands are...

Quickie Xenon2

The Quickie Xenon2 is a refreshed version of the very successful Xenon, an ultralight folding wheelchair which has been transforming opinions of folding wheelchairs.  Key to the success is the wide variance in its configuration.  We took a look at the Xenon2 to see how it benefits both new and longer-term wheelchair users alike. Quickie Xenon2 specifications Available in three frame variants ̵...


The Xenon2 is an ultra-light folding wheelchair that is highly configurable whilst offering comparable benefits that you would expect from a rigid frame wheelchair.

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