Andrew Slorance

Interview: Inventor of the smart wheelchair

When the news broke about there being a British finalist in the Toyota Mobility Challenge, we got excited.  Dominic spoke to Andrew Slorance about his newest idea and learnt more about the smart wheelchair. What’s the smart wheelchair about? Key to the design of a manual wheelchair is the Centre of Gravity.  By making the Centre of Gravity smart, the wheelchair can then become more or less p...[Read More]

Five visions for the future of mobility unveiled at CES

The five finalists in the three-year Mobility Unlimited Challenge have been unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. The Toyota Mobility Foundation launched the $4 million global challenge in 2017 in partnership with Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre, with the aim of improving the lives of millions of people with lower-limb paralysis. The Challenge invited engineers, innovators, and designers from across the wo...[Read More]

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