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Have you seen the recent adverts where Toyota Global Mobility showcase innovation from the research they are undertaking to help improve the future of mobility for people with impairments?  We have, so we went to ask Toyota Global Mobility all about the equipment in the adverts, including the wheelchair that walks down stairs.  Read on, after this commercial (break).

Toyota have been showcasing their innovations as Mobility Partner for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic games lately.  It’s easy to get excited over much of the technology showcased in the advertisement, like the iBOT wheelchair which featured prominently.  So we asked Toyota Global what the point of the adverts were – is it an aspiration or is this about more?

“Toyota is not just a vehicle manufacturer,” said Toyota’s spokesperson.  “Toyota is a total mobility company and look to meet people’s different needs for all journeys, whether it is across country, city or from room to room.”

So wide-impacting work, potentially.  We looked a little closer at the iBOT, a revolutionary motorized wheelchair with two sets of powered wheels that can be rotated to allow the user to “walk” up and down stairs. The wheelchair allows users to rise from a sitting level to approximately six feet in height and travel in this “standing” configuration, and is capable of traveling through a wide variety of terrain types.

Toyota Global Mobility showcase innovation - iBOT Prototype (C) TOYOTA

So what is next for Toyota Mobility?  We’re not sure.  The research, we are told, is at a very early stage.  With the Olympics and Paralympics only two years away, as the Mobility Partner for the games Toyota is actively exploring how they can bring their design and automotive expertise to the personal mobility arena.  We’re hopeful and excited for an innovative two years – which might even see the EXO come to market.

You can view more about Toyota Mobility at their website here.

Toyota EXO Wheel (C) TOYOTA

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A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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  1. Brilliant! However sadly totally and utterly out of my reach as a wheelchair user. I’d never save the money to buy one in a million years.

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