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We all like a little tip or trick to make life easy. Wheelchair Life Hacks that are cheap, cheerful and don’t need a lot to make a difference are few and far between. So Dominic has compiled some of our favourite wheelchair life hacks that we think you should try. Best of all, they can all be done for under £20 each.

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Speed and Distance tracking3

That mobile app that is free might be good if you get a GPS signal. When you put it in your pocket though, you can lose the signal or worse, get inaccurate data, and don’t get me started on GPS indoors.

Wheelchair Life Hacks - cycle computer

Cycle computers are a great wheelchair life hack. They work both indoor and out. Thanks to modern technology becoming very cheap, wireless cycle computers are the norm. I found this cycle computer on Amazon for about £10.

I wheel around 500 miles a year and have the cycle computer to prove it – it also makes sure I’m not speeding when on the tube in London, as well as keeping an eye on my average speed.


Protecting your hands means that you’ll get little nicks or cuts less – its something I often get because I’m terrible at remembering to put my gloves on!

A pair of good cycling gloves will have both grip and strength to withstand a good wheel around. If you are out and about in the wet though, I’d suggest going for some sailing gloves – waterproof and strong grip. If warmth is your thing, a pair of e-leather driving gloves also work well.

Mobile charge

We’ve all ran out of charge just when we need it at some point in time. Its worse when you know you could be at the mercy of public transport or need those maps to find where you’re going.

Mobile powerbank chargers are really cheap. I’d recommend spending the extra and going for 10,000mAh, meaning you could charge your phone two or three times over. You can find these on Amazon or similar for around £13.  I found this 10,000amh powerbank for £10

Wheelchair Life Hacks - Powerbank

I keep mine under my seat, which means my phone is tucked away out of sight too.

Anti-bacterial hand gel

I think I need to buy shares in the companies that make this stuff. I use up a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel in a week easily. You can get them pretty much anywhere, including online, supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies for around £1 per small bottle.  I like buying in bulk and I found you can get a pack of 6 online for £6

Hand gel

I keep mine in the back pocket of my wheelchair. And in the car door. And in my work bag. And the coat pocket, bedside table, bathroom, kitchen, desk…

What are your wheelchair life hacks?  Tell us and win!

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A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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  1. My hack is balls… tennis balls.

    My anti-tip jockey wheels are capable of scratching walls, floors, furniture and my mum’s shins.

    My solution is to use an old health and safety dodge of putting a couple of high-viz bright green tennis balls on them. They are gentle on my mum’s shins and other delicate surfaces and being high-viz they are easier to see and avoid. And cheap too – I got 3 for a pound from a supermarket.

    Just cut a cross in the ball and push it on.

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