Snow tips for wheelchair users


It’s snowing and we thought we would jump aboard the band wagon to talk about it!  Here are some of our top tips and a few toys we would like for the cold weather.  And if you want to win a prize – log in and then read on…

Wear gloves

Well, obviously.  But did you know putting on some latex or latex-alternative gloves under your main gloves helps to keep your hands dry?  It means that you are going to have dry and therefore warmer skin.  Also, leather or leather-type material grips better in the wet of the snow, so try to avoid woollens if pushing yourself.

Wear a thick woollen-type hat… and thick trousers too.

Most of us know you lose most heat from your head.  Wheelchair users also risk losing a lot of heat from their legs, as you are sat still from the hips down a lot of the time.  If you can, wear a second pair of trousers under your first – or leggings, stockings, tights… just don’t do what I did earlier… I forgot my hat.

Progeo Joker R2 in the snow

Go back…wards.

If your wheelchair is pushed or driven from the rear wheels, going backwards will give added traction and less likelihood of getting bogged down in the snow or even thrown out.

Meanwhile, those with front-wheel drive can feel smug today.  If you have mid-wheel drive, you might as well turn that kettle on if you’re not feeling brave enough!

Wheelchair in snow

Dominic in his wheelchair in the snow with Softwheel’s fitted

And here is one piece of kit we’d like today

The Freedom Trax One is a platform for wheelchair users to park onto and drive around on the snow, like this example from their Instagram in October

Over to you

Tell us your snow tips or experiences in the comments please, so log in with Facebook or Twitter and tell us your experiences on snow or ways in which to manage with your wheelchair.



A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.


  1. Had to get to the shop yesterday in my manual chair, put tie wraps around the wheels to act like chains, worked great even up a hill in ice and snow

  2. Leather gloves from Asda (Others available) were around £8 absolutely perfect for the cold weather,
    Treat chairs and powerchairs the same as a car, slow but steady leads to less likely to loose control, of course if at all possible applying the same logic to your chair as the AA would give to drivers could prove to be the best plan, Only go out if 100% necessary, Unless of course you are going out for a snowball fight.. 🙂 Of course this is where you will be even more thankful for your leather gloves.. Enjoy with care.! PapaJay

  3. Use of cable ties to help with grip expecially with hidden ice , use of salt / grit maybe worthwhile buying a stash and decent gloves or maybe just having a lazy day indoors in the warm if got nothing else better to do snuggled up in a duvet watching tv

  4. Create your own snow tyres. If you have a spare set of solid tyres, screw self tapping screws into the tyres about 2 inches apart until there is about 2mm of screw left sticking out. This creates traction and makes life easier for getting over snowy and icy paths. PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR INFLATABLE TYRES!

  5. Cable ties around the wheels help with grip if is icy. I’m concious to not go out unless I need to or really really want to be somewhere, lots of thin layers of clothes help too and good boots that keep my feet warm

  6. Best tip for the snow is to cash in on all those times you’ve offered your lap as a basket round the supermarket or got your friend with you the ability to skip a queue at a venue throughout the year and get them to head out in the snow for you whilst you stick the kettle back on and stay in the cold! You’ve earned it after all!

  7. I went out in my Salsa Mini M2 MWD today, in about three inches of snow (I live in Scotland). It was fine! I was surprised at how good it was. I presume its because all the weight (me plus batteries) is over the Centre wheel.
    BTW its actually a myth that you lose more heat from your head than anywhere else!

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