Disability stickers with a difference


If you’re a wheelchair user who drives, you’ll often need some way to ask people to give a little more space or understanding.  Gone are the days from when a big blue box announced your status – now there are disability stickers with a difference available.   One popular supplier is Stickman Communications, owned by Hannah Ensor.  We asked Hannah to tell us more.

Disability stickers with a difference

As a wheelchair user I need extra space to put my wheels into the boot of my car. If I don’t have the space – if someone has parked too close, I’m stuck. Totally stuck. I can’t leave until they return – and who knows how long that will be!

I wanted to put something on my car to let people know I needed the space – and why. But at the same time, most of the stickers I found were really formal. I didn’t relate to them.

So it seemed natural to create something that would get the message across, but in a way that felt real and relevant to me.

Disability stickers with a difference - 1m gap

Creating car stickers that cover the range of reasons to need space when getting out of a car – whether for a wheelchair, powerchair, mobility scooter – or just needing to be able to open the door wide due to difficulty getting out of the car, was an obvious next step.

Disability stickers with a difference - 1m and 3m gap

Another common disability parking problem is receiving abuse for parking in a disabled bay because you don’t ‘look disabled’, despite being disabled and holding a blue badge. It periodically appears in the news with a great outcry and fuss – but I don’t think many people realise that it happens all the time. I don’t think I know anyone with a hidden disability and a blue badge who hasn’t been glared at, verbally abused, and/or threatened for parking in spaces that are specifically designed and created for their use!

As a result we have a range of ‘hidden disability’ car stickers too, including the two pictured below.

Disability stickers with a difference - Hidden Disability Stickers

Some of these designs were originally created back in 2012, so in February, after a complete overhaul of the designs, we released updated and improved versions, with 2 notable additions:

  • The ‘Happy Accessibility Symbol’ range, featuring our lively version of the standard symbol, in a rainbow of colours, conveying not just disability, but also the joy of life.  It’s not something to replace all standard accessibility signs, but one which is very well suited to certain situations – such as on my car, and on access signs and entrances to fun places. The smaller stickers (46mm diameter) look great on mobility aids, phones, books etc.
  • Door stickers to let delivery people know to allow extra time for you to reach the door, without advertising that the occupier may be vulnerable.

All these stickers are available on our website where you can also see more information on the types of fixings available.  You can also find more of our products available.

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