Keeping cool in the summer

As the warm weather hits the UK (and promptly disappears again), we’ve had a few questions about keeping cool in the summer.  If you struggle with temperature regulation or your body succumbs to exhaustion when the mercury reaches more than “luke warm”, we have some ideas for keeping cool when the going gets hot.  Here’s our suggestions but keep reading to give us yours! 1....[Read More]

OmniServ launches wheelAIR trials at Edinburgh Airport

OmniServ, the UK’s leading airline and airport assistance services provider, has launched trials of the wheelAIR at  Edinburgh Airport, as part of its continued efforts to improve the experience for passengers requiring special assistance at U.K. airports.  The launch was supported by Michael Kerr, wheelAIR ambassador and sees the wheelAIR installed on a number of different wheelchair types. The w...[Read More]

wheelAIR Review

Two days at Naidex means that if you’re a wheelchair user, you’ll find limited opportunities to transfer out of your wheelchair for a bit of a seating change.  If you struggle to regulate your body temperature, then this can be even more of a challenge.  Roll forward wheelAIR – Dominic took the cooling backrest for a two day test drive. wheelAIR Specification The wheelAIR is a seat back upholstery...[Read More]

wheelAir to revolutionise the mobility industry

The much-anticipated cooling wheelchair backrest, the wheelAir launched on 2 Nov with an event in Edinburgh.  The wheelAir aims to revolutionise the mobility industry and tackle a heated topic for wheelchair users. The award-winning wheelAIR® has been designed in Glasgow by healthcare product start up, Staels Design, with the input of Paralympic athletes as well as wheelchair producers. It is litt...[Read More]

The WheelAir goes into production!

Stael’s design have apologised for the recent silence and advised that after making some final design changes to optimise WheelAir, they have now started manufacturing the first units. The first products should be fully finished in October, after which you will be able to purchase them through the webshop. Those who pledged a WheelAir on the Kickstarter campaign will receive a discount code ...[Read More]

“The Dyson of the mobility industry” – the WheelAir®

Many wheelchair users experience discomfort from overheating due to long stints of sitting in their chairs. Until now, there has not been an appropriate solution. The first images of a game-changing cooling wheelchair cushion designed by Staels Design have been released this week. Staels Design was founded just over a year ago by Corien Staels who first became aware of the cooling problems experie...[Read More]

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