Genny Mono R

Rigid frame wheelchairs quite often look similar – limited metal underneath, a foot plate and folding back usually achieve a lightweight wheelchair. The Genny Mono R is different.  It uses a single stem frame and a flowing footrest to deliver a wheelchair that will (believe me) turn heads. The wheelchair specifications The wheelchair is aluminium and carbon fibre, meaning that it weighs 6.5kg with...[Read More]

Genny Urban Review

The Genny Urban electric wheelchair is very different to many wheelchairs on the market.  The Genny uses Segway technology to enable the user to get about on two wheels.  A class 2 wheelchair, does it revolutionise the users life?  We’ve taken a look for you. Introduction to the Genny Urban We were loaned a Genny Urban 2 for a weekend.  The wheelchair, available in a reasonable range of colours, c...[Read More]

Genny Urban

The Genny Urban uses Segway Technology to enable you to drive your wheelchair in a completely different way.

Naidex – Day 1 ICYMO

Naidex opened today (28 March 2017) and this is our Naidex Day 1 ICYMO – In Case You Missed Out – update from today.  A busy day that was packed with people and technology galore, so without further ado, here are some highlights from today for us… Sunrise Mobility showcased the latest in Quickie Wheelchairs – something so new, I can’t even tell you half the details (b...[Read More]

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