Softwheel describe their vision as: to put a dent in the universe by developing the most energy-efficient and energy-absorbing wheel system in the world. Shock absorbing rather than ride cushioning, the Softwheel system enables the wheelchair user to tackle obstacles without risking significant damage their wheels or themselves.

Wearable technology for wheelchair users

The wearable technology market is flush with devices, from heart rate monitors to smart watches, with contactless products a growing arena.  We’ve taken a look at some products and how they can benefit a wheelchair user. Barclays bPay A contactless payment device, this is available as a keyfob or wristband.  Using either the app (Android, iPhone) or desktop website, you can access the device...[Read More]

Loopwheels Review

Introduction Reinventing the wheel, as the Loopwheels website says.  It’s a bold claim for a project that started with a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, which aims to give a wheelchair user a bit more comfort.  So did the claims stack up?  I got a chance to review the Loopwheels on my own wheelchair, the Sunrise Quickie Xenon. Compatibility The Loopwheels will fit pretty much any manual self-p...[Read More]


The Muggi is a drinks carrier like no other for several reasons. First of all, it’s because it comes in many different colours, secondly, it has lovely little rubber feet and thirdly it should end all the coffee splosh marks on trousers from carrying a coffee back from the kitchen. Intrigued? You should be.  After all the years of using our cardboard carrier from a local branded coffee shop,...[Read More]

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