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Naidex opened today (28 March 2017) and this is our Naidex Day 1 ICYMO – In Case You Missed Out – update from today.  A busy day that was packed with people and technology galore, so without further ado, here are some highlights from today for us…

Sunrise Mobility showcased the latest in Quickie Wheelchairs – something so new, I can’t even tell you half the details (because they won’t tell us).  Crucially, I can tell you it is carbon fibre, folds like the Xenon and looks very pretty.  No prices, no name and no weights – the closest we got was “under some Kg”… and it got very secretive.  Photos below though.

Sunrise also showed off the new Sedeo Ergo seating system, a tool that competes with some of the more bespoke seating systems out there.  Priced as a premium product for Sunrise, the pricing competes well with other products, without any limitations on customisation.  Seating backs can be adjusted in any of the four directions, head rest can be off-centre and the rise function makes you feel like you’re on top of a mountain.  A brief test drive was had today and a review will be coming shortly.

Invacare displayed the Champion SK today – the size is no mean boast, being folded as small as an A4 Box File.  There are loads of colours available and the chair promises to continue the Champion’s reputation.  Invacare are displaying on the Midshires stand – if you are visiting Wednesday or Thursday, we recommend taking a look.  They also had the K and R-Series on display, which will be featured on this site soon.

Loopwheels – they are enabling people to try the wheels on your own wheelchair.  We had an extended test drive today, which gave a great insight into their comfort and capabilities.  On a Quickie Xenon with 4 degree camber and Frogg Legg Suspension, the wheelchair felt like a car to ride in – comfortable, smooth and supple.  Our review is due to be updated shortly.

Carbon Black and Genny have been showing off their chairs.  The Carbon Black is at the show in both Classic and Signature models – the classic with standard wheels and no lights, whilst you can build up with carbon wheels, lighting, custom back rest and so on.  With a base weigh of 5.5Kg for a Classic, the wheelchair comes with Soft Roll wheels as standard.  There is also a show offer of a £500 discount.

The Genny also caught people’s eyes today – the Segway technology is a different tool to handle compared to a standard road chair.  We had a brief drive on the TGA test track, which gave a unique and clever insight into how the chair handles itself and the world around it.  A review is coming to the website shortly – follow our Twitter or Facebook for when that is live.

Those are our headlines for today – we’ll be taking a break for tomorrow and on Thursday will return with other news from the show.

Been yourself or going over the next two days?  Head over to our Facebook and tell us what you’ve liked or would like to see.

A wheelchair user for 20 years, Dominic looks at how a wheelchair works for its user base, not the brochure. Dominic is our lead editor.

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