Sunrise Quickie Xenon – long term review

Long term review Xenon

My Sunrise Quickie Xenon is a long term review candidate, having been with me now for five and a half years and traveled over 2,200 miles.  So how is it doing?

It’s still as reliable as when I got it new, with minimal issues and the biggest consumables it seems to need being front casters and rear tyres.  An occasional “click” is audible from the left hand wheel (my left and right wheels specific thanks to the cycle computer I fitted myself).

The brakes are now the third set – the first left hand brake having lost a significant pin and the second brake succumbing to a similar fate about 500 miles later.  The rear upholstery feels as good and looks as smart as when I first got it, although the internal foam has been replaced to keep it clean.  The rear postural support is also good but tiring given it is six years old nearly, with the velcro dusty from the vented upholstery.

My one annoyance is that the velcro on the rear pockets is losing its stitching from the back rest, meaning that my keys are at the prey of people behind me.  I think I’ll have to persuade someone to breakout the needle and thread.

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