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Review My Wheelchair is an independent review website, designed to offer unbiased reviews of wheelchairs and accessories.  Reviews are written by wheelchair users who understand that a persons needs are individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to mobility.  We aim to help users identify the wheelchairs that is likely to be suited to their needs.

As well as reading reviews, users can add their own experiences of their wheelchairs.  Users can sign in to Review My Wheelchair by using their social media account by clicking login at the top of the site and submitting a review or just score a review based on their own experiences.

…thanks [for] your advice. You recommended I tried the k series or the helium and I tried them both and loved the helium.
Dan, UK

Different types of wheelchairs

You can find many different types of wheelchairs, each wheelchair review looking at the opportunities for users.  Wheelchair types include:

We review wheelchairs both short and long term – publishing our findings on the website, on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as in our editorial blogs.


Accessories add to a users individuality and it is important that a person can customise their wheelchair to them.  We review how they can compliment a user’s choice of mobility, including alternative wheels and seating systems.

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If you want to contribute, you can get in touch with us to discuss what you might want to offer. We welcome contributions and reviews that reflect both the wheelchair and the configuration in which it was tested.

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