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Softwheel Review

When considering our Softwheel Review we realised that they should not be confused as a ride softeni...[Read More]



Küschall Champion SK Review

The Küschall Champion SK is one of the smallest folding ultra-light wheelchairs on the market.  With...[Read More]



Küschall K-Series Review

The Küschall K-Series is a rigid frame manual lightweight wheelchair with the ability to be customis...[Read More]



Genny Mono R

Rigid frame wheelchairs quite often look similar – limited metal underneath, a foot plate and foldin...[Read More]

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The WheelAir goes into production!

Stael’s design have apologised for the recent silence and advised that after making some final design changes to optimise WheelAir, they have now started manufacturing the first units. The first...[Read More]

What to expect at MRS2017

Not sure about attending the Mobility Roadshow this week?  Making up your mind to visit a show can always be hard, especially if you have a distance to travel or want to make sure you make the most of...[Read More]

MyHailo to launch June 1

Contacta is excited to announce that their refuelling assistance product, Pinpoint, will change its name to MyHailo on 1st June 2017. Their brand new website will also launch on 1st June, including a ...[Read More]

TGA Whill Powerchair launch at Mobility Roadshow

TGA, the trusted specialist in mobility scooters and wheelchairs, will be unveiling its revolutionary new award-winning WHILL powered wheelchair at The 2017 Mobility Roadshow (NAEC Stoneleigh, 1-3 Jun...[Read More]

MyHailo to launch at Mobility Roadshow

Regain your independence and fuel your adventure with MyHailo. Formerly known as Pinpoint, Contacta’s MyHailo enables users to subtly and easily hail for help, from petrol station staff, when at the p...[Read More]


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